• KB Looms - Adjustable Hat Loom

KB Looms - Adjustable Hat Loom

  • Product Code: KB7400

Make hats in 4 sizes: extra small, small, medium and large. This new modular loom consists of 8 loom parts and 4 connectors. The loom comes set up with peg configuration for large gauge knitting. Extra pegs can be easily added for small gauge knitting. All pegs are removable except for the connector pegs (molded into loom). To connect your loom parts, simple insert into connector and it snaps together. To release connection, push bottom button and pull apart. Pegs are designed to be very secure in loom and at the same time easily snap in place. 

Small gauge: approx. 5 stitches =1" with 3/8" spacing (center to center of pegs)
Large gauge: approx. 3- 3.5 stitches =1" with 3/4" spacing (center to center of pegs)

Peg Counts
ex-sm: 28/56  fits most infants with circumference 14"
small: 34/68  fits most youth with circumference 18"
medium: 40/80  fits adult head, circumference 20"
large: 42/84  fits adult head, circumference 23"

Package includes:
(4) 3 peg connectors
(2) 25 peg rounded loom pieces
(2) 3 peg loom rails
(2) 9 peg loom rails
(2) 11 peg loom rails
(70) pegs
Knit hook
Hat project

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