• KB Looms - 28" Knitting Board & Extenders

KB Looms - 28" Knitting Board & Extenders

  • Product Code: KB6435

The 28" Knitting Board + peg extenders knits in single knit using up to 168 pegs, knits in double knit with 64 total stitches, or works as a weaving loom.

Knit large projects like afghans, sweaters and shawls. Made of solid hardwood with high grade nylon, grooved pins.  It is very lightweight , 2 lbs, 28" long, with 64 pegs per side. This loom has 3 adjustments for double knitting, 1cm, 2cm and 3cm. 

The maximum knitting width is 40 - 45" depending on yarn and spacer used. We recommend aran weight yarn when working in the round. For double knitting use all weight yarns.

NOTE: This new 28" Knitting Board with spacer set at 2cm, has same gauge as original 28" Knitting Board with 1/2" set spacing.

Total Pegs: 168

Peg Spacing: 7/16"

Gauge approx. in single knit: 4 stitches = 1" (Aran weight).
Gauge double knit: adjustable, vary by spacer setting and yarn used.


This package includes:

  • (2) 64 peg rails
  • (2) 20 peg adjustable extenders
  • (2) adjustable spacers
  • (2) larger bolts with (4) wingnuts
  • Instructions with photos
  • 4 projects - hat and scarf, afghan, shawl, and woven bag 
  • knit hook

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