• KB Looms - Sock Loom Extra Fine Gauge

KB Looms - Sock Loom Extra Fine Gauge

  • Product Code: KB4455

Sock Loom EFG is an extra fine gauge loom with a 3/16" peg spacing for very fine knit socks, lace knitting and small intricate projects. Unique flexible band and high grade plastic construction. Engineered for great ease of use and feel.

Knit baby socks to a adult large socks. Simply release slider and move to desired setting, release and flexible band holds slider in place. The loom is made of solid high grade plastic with flexible bands (rubber).

Total pegs: 112
Gauge: 8-9 stitches - 1"
Pin spacing: 3/16" center to center of peg
Size: 10" x 2.5"
Use fingering #1 sock yarn.
Sock Loom EFG includes:

  • Sock Loom EFG
  • Written instructions
  • Knit Hook


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