• KB Looms - 10" Knitting Board

KB Looms - 10" Knitting Board

  • Product Code: KB6420

NEW 10" Knitting Board,  with 24 plastic pegs, adjusts to 3 gauges.  The spacer turns to 3 settings, adjusting the space between the board rails. Made of 100% hardwood and plastic grooved pins. Knits up to 12" wide at largest gauge setting. Light and portable! Note: With the 2cm spacer setting, the gauge will be the same as the 10" Knitting Board with metal pins. This loom will work with the 20 peg loom extenders and the 5 peg sliders.

Size: 10" x 3"

Peg Spacing: 3/8"

Kit includes:

  •  10" Knitting Board
  •  Knit hook
  •  Instructions with photos
  •  (4) patterns to get you started
  • (2) 4" bolts for using the different settings.

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